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Profile: Bora

In 1819 an international court located in Freetown, Sierra Leone liberated Bora a male of 30 years. He was on board the slaving vessel NS de Regla, which departed from the port of Little Bassa before being intercepted and taken to Freetown, Sierra Leone.


As it appears in registers [
Africans may have been listed with different names or names with different spellings in more than one register. Variants are listed to the right.
Number of name contributions 2
Possible modern counterpart Bora
Certainty 80-100%

Geographical Profile

Language group Islamic
Certainty 80-100%

Physical Profile

Age 30
Gender Male

Voyage Details

Voyage ID 2314
Ship name (year) NS de Regla (1819)
Embarkation Port Little Bassa
Disembarkation Port Freetown, Sierra Leone
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